How does a foil shaver work

How does a foil shaver work

The basic procedure of Removing hairs from different body parts named as shaving. men and women both do this process to remove hair.How does a foil shaver work

Various body parts where the shaver is used to remove hair are following –

  1. Chest hair
  2. Underarm
  3. Leg hair
  4. Abdominal hair
  5. Pubic hair
  6. Other any other body parts.

Cartridge shaver, electric shaver, injector shaver, foil shaver, rotary shaver, epilator shaver are the different shavers which are used for shaving.

Foil shaver

A sub-type of electric shavers are Foil shaver having thin metal between is a famous type of shaver which consists of several independent heads which moves according to the shape of a face.

The working of foil shaver is also as same as electric shaver as it is one of kind of electric shaver. Due to its some special arrangement of structure and working foil shaver is one of the common shaver and most used shaver by the users.

Working of a foil shaver

  1. Foil section of foil shaver represents an ultra-thin layer of metal which is used to cover some part of blades.
  2. Blades are closed behind thin metal of the razors which are perforated.
  3. Blades are rotating at high speed and work to lift the facial hair into blades.
  4. The holes on the foil trap the hair the s, allowing the shaver to cut hairs closer to skin.
  5. So, it gives closer and smoother shave and cuts to the skin.
  6. So that why it gives a smoother and close shave.

Procedure to use a Foil shaver

  1. Make use of pre-shave lotion and spread evenly on face.
  2. Stand front of mirror ensures enough quantity of light.
  3. Find out the direction of growth of hair by just rubbing hands on your face.
  4. For eliminating ceases to pull the shaver over the skin by putting one hand on the neck to tighten it.
  5. On the shaver, place according to position and at the right angle to skin moves or glides over the skin with short lengths. (shaver gets heats up if it will stay on for longer time)
  6. Glide the foil shaver on your body part, pull the skin to tighten it. (you can use shaver on various body parts like as jawline, near ears, mouth, and nose, etc.)
  7. After completing the final procedure use some fluid-like moisturizer to moisturize the skin and some aftershave lotion for smoothing purpose.)

Advantages of a foil shaver

  • This shaver saves much time than other shavers.
  • It is more efficient to use.
  • Easy in operation.
  • Faster to operate.
  • More reliable.
  • Easy to handle.
  • It offers close shaves compared to other methods.

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Foil shaver is one of the popular kind of shaver used by many people.foil shaver comes under the electric shaver.

Its structure consists of the separate arrangement of foil shaver which is used by most of the people. also, it works as like electric shaver and gives a close cut to the skin.