How does an electric shaver work

Electric shavers are useful for shave your beard. It operates on the principle of moving blades forward and reverse direction. Electric shavers are usually made with the foil. It moves blades under steel foils. In which your hairs are falling through.electric shaver work

Electric shaver work:

Electric shavers are convenient to use. It easy to handle. Shaver is very useful invention for a busy person. Shavers are time consuming process. The people who do not have much time for their appearance. Those can use this shaver for shaving.

Electric shavers are more convenient than the razors. Usually using razors may cause cutting or any other issue. Because of the use of shaver, it avoids these issues.

Earlier, when you have a perfect clean shave, you go to the barber’s shop. Where you are hand over your life to him. The barber can say you to relax. Holding the straight razor to your jugular.

But today you can have your own shaving machine. They are safe also from the barber’s razor. The electric razor contains the blades. Which can rotate forward and back. And the advantage of the Morden razors are they can use over on any type of skins. (

There are mainly two types of razors are available.

Foil razor and the electric razors.

Foil razors:

Foil razors contain blades. Which can move forward and backward direction. The guards are also available there. They can protect the skin from damage.

Rotary razors:

Rotary razors have circular blades. The spinning blades are protecting from any harmful damage. But after the shaving, blades are difficult to clean than other.

Best electric shaver:


Gillette is an American company for the safety razors. It also manufactures the other personal care products. Gillette also corporate with the multinational committee called P&G (Procter and Gamble).


Who wants the high-quality shaving brush, the most popular name is comes to the mind is Simpsons. It provides the good shaving brushes. Luxury shaving has the synonymous that is Simpsons. The lifetime of the Simpsons is more than the others.

Blue beards revenge:

Blue beards revenge is the newly brand come to the market recent years ago. They manufacture many other brands for the men personal care. The shaving cream they manufacture, because of that, the beards grow slowly. It reduces the growth of beard.


Braun is American company that manufacture the best razors ever. It has flexible blades that moves easily over the all parts of face. It also a good choice for shave.


Proraso is the Italian company. This is the most lovable brand. Who has beginner they prefer Proraso brand They also manufacture other products. The products are made by the natural ingredients. The quality of Proraso is excellent.

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The working of electric shaver is as simple as that. It only consists a blade which are moves like forward direction and in back word direction. It also uses a AA batteries. It also has long lifetime. It works on the protection technique.

How does a foil shaver work

The basic procedure of Removing hairs from different body parts named as shaving. men and women both do this process to remove hair.How does a foil shaver work

Various body parts where the shaver is used to remove hair are following –

  1. Chest hair
  2. Underarm
  3. Leg hair
  4. Abdominal hair
  5. Pubic hair
  6. Other any other body parts.

Cartridge shaver, electric shaver, injector shaver, foil shaver, rotary shaver, epilator shaver are the different shavers which are used for shaving.

Foil shaver

A sub-type of electric shavers are Foil shaver having thin metal between is a famous type of shaver which consists of several independent heads which moves according to the shape of a face.

The working of foil shaver is also as same as electric shaver as it is one of kind of electric shaver. Due to its some special arrangement of structure and working foil shaver is one of the common shaver and most used shaver by the users.

Working of a foil shaver

  1. Foil section of foil shaver represents an ultra-thin layer of metal which is used to cover some part of blades.
  2. Blades are closed behind thin metal of the razors which are perforated.
  3. Blades are rotating at high speed and work to lift the facial hair into blades.
  4. The holes on the foil trap the hair the s, allowing the shaver to cut hairs closer to skin.
  5. So, it gives closer and smoother shave and cuts to the skin.
  6. So that why it gives a smoother and close shave.

Procedure to use a Foil shaver

  1. Make use of pre-shave lotion and spread evenly on face.
  2. Stand front of mirror ensures enough quantity of light.
  3. Find out the direction of growth of hair by just rubbing hands on your face.
  4. For eliminating ceases to pull the shaver over the skin by putting one hand on the neck to tighten it.
  5. On the shaver, place according to position and at the right angle to skin moves or glides over the skin with short lengths. (shaver gets heats up if it will stay on for longer time)
  6. Glide the foil shaver on your body part, pull the skin to tighten it. (you can use shaver on various body parts like as jawline, near ears, mouth, and nose, etc.)
  7. After completing the final procedure use some fluid-like moisturizer to moisturize the skin and some aftershave lotion for smoothing purpose.)

Advantages of a foil shaver

  • This shaver saves much time than other shavers.
  • It is more efficient to use.
  • Easy in operation.
  • Faster to operate.
  • More reliable.
  • Easy to handle.
  • It offers close shaves compared to other methods.

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Foil shaver is one of the popular kind of shaver used by many people.foil shaver comes under the electric shaver.

Its structure consists of the separate arrangement of foil shaver which is used by most of the people. also, it works as like electric shaver and gives a close cut to the skin.

How do you use a callus shaver

For shaving purpose, various things can be used by the men named as blades, razor, and other methods. There are types of razors according to their structure. Helps in removing hair with ease.How do you use a callus shaver

Credo knife is also the callus shaver which is commonly basically equipment or we can say tool. Which is used in a salon(cosmetically) used and medical users. It used as a knife to the removal of callus which is mainly present on feet also on hands.

Callus shaver structure

Callus shaver which is mainly used to remove callus or we can say dead skin on is designed specially to drag out the dead skin with ease.shaver consists of handle arched and has a metallic sharp because of shaver is so sharp it is advisable to use it with extra care. Also, if care has not taken then injuries may occur.

Mainly for this reason of injury that it is extra sharp, this callus shaver is banned in some states of the united state.

In case if the skin is cut and shaver gets shared then dangerous infections can occur also sometimes causing it to death too.One has taken extra care with this type of it can be used with a regular operating shaver. this treatment should occur after every some spans of time.If proper care has not taken then there are possibilities of irritation and a thicker callus may occur.

Grounding for using a callus shaver

  1. At the initial stage,take some of the warm water.
  2. Then add some soap in water.
  3. Now,let the feet soak in the soap for a minimum of 10 minutes for softening and smoothening purpose.
  4. Anyone can also use some standard callus gel which helps in to remove callus and dead skin from feet or body part.

Safety measures to be taken

After completion of the shaving process, there are some safety measures which can be used. So for that matter there I need to take care of your feet if proper care has not taken correctly then it may cause harm to the body also. for preventing callus corn with proper care some activities which remedy the effect of callus corn and body part too.

  1. Activities include, Not to wear footwear or shoes which are extra tight causing harm.
  2. Also, moisturize the feet on a regular basis.

Proper method

  1. Place the shaver over callus in such a way that skin touches to the blade edge.
  2. Then,Apply some pressure on it pressure must be in the least amount.
  3. Glide the shaver knife across callus and there will you have seen the layer of dead skin removing.
  4. Reapplication of the process will occur until all the dead skin cannot be removed.
  5. If pain or cut occurred it shows you apply some extra force and you did something wrong.
  6. Shave feet with less amount of force and with shorter strokes so it was correctly done.
  7. Donot use device or shaver when a very little amount of callus remained for that matter there is another stone which is called as pumic stone.
  8. At the end apply moisturizer to the shaved area.
  9. Wash off the shaver after every used. and keep it in a clean place.

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There are some steps to follow for use the shaver to remove callus. if Proper care is not taken then it may cause harm to body or feet also.

for eliminating the callus one must have taken extra care. also follow some instructions, procedures, groundings, preventions for better result.

How do you open Philips shaver to change battery

opening Philips shaver to change battery is very easy, it is okay to open the battery of the shaver and check it regularly. Anyone can open the battery.How do you open Philips shaver to change battery

Totally release the shaver

Turn on the shaver and enable it to keep running until it closes down without anyone else. This possibly happens when the battery inside is totally released.

This total releasing is required in light of the fact that so as to supplant the battery you have to open the shaver packaging and will sooner or later touch the circuit board. Any little charge left in the old battery could stun and harm you.

Open the shaver packaging

mMst electric shavers are held into spot utilizing old screws available from the rear of the shaver. Evacuate these screws individually utilizing a screw driver and spot them on a little plate to abstain from losing them.

On the off chance that your shaver won’t break into pieces effectively, check out the edge of the machine for minimal plastic clasps. Pushing on these clasps with a screwdriver should discharge them enabling you to pull the shaver packaging separated.

Expel the old battery

Most batteries are patched onto the circuit board so you’ll require your wire cutters for this progression. Cautiously cut off the patch at the top finish of the battery associations at that point gradually haul the batteries out.

Introduce the new batteries

various new batteries accompany little metal tabs at the top. Such batteries are said to be pre-selected. It is these tabs that interface with the circuit pig so you’ll just need to immovably push on the tabs to guarantee that they come into contact with the board.

Tips for Extended Shaver Battery Life by removing or changing

Battery-powered Battery Care, and Cordless Appliance Battery User Guide

  • Fully energize the shaver battery before the main use – Reading the client manual will enable you to see how to completely revive the battery.
  • For Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries, hold up until the battery is running low before reviving – These batteries have what is known as a “memory impact” so energizing a battery that is mostly charged may contrarily influence the battery limit.
  • You likewise need to completely release these batteries in any event once at regular intervals to protect their ability.
  • Never leave the shaver connected for longer than 24 hours – this may bring down battery life.
  • Avoid utilizing the charger from the mains – regardless of whether the battery is unfilled, it is prudent to energize and utilize it when unplugged. Mains switch activity can even now be utilized however just in crisis cases.
  • Don’t leave the shaver presented to coordinate daylight – overheating has been demonstrated to consistently harm batteries.
  • Don’t charge your batteries in extraordinary temperatures – charging in hot or freezing conditions additionally diminish battery life.

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When you purchase an electric shaver, it will accompany a pre-introduced battery. When you take it home, you are commonly required to completely charge the battery before utilizing the shaver.

An ordinary charging cycle will take around an hour however this may change contingent upon the producer (best to peruse the manual). The gadget should keep running for around 45 minutes.